Veggie Fritters

A great replacement for bread!


Spice up your challenge lunch or dinners with veggie fritters!

Super easy and a great way to pack loads of veggies in, plus they taste delicious especially topped with avocado and a poached egg. Great lean replacement for bread can be used any time bread would be used e.g sandwiches,burgers egg on toast!
Some variations we like:
•Zucchini fritters
• Corn fritters
• Pea and hallumi cheese
• Carrot and Kumera
• Pumpkin and herbs
The easy Method:
Just grate your veggies,
add fresh chopped herbs,
2 eggs, 2T of lean flour* (oat, spelt, buckwheat),
coconut oil to fry 👌
*Blending up oat meal dry in the blender is a great lean replacement for flour!!!